Based in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, we provide Business English skills training, IELTS Blended Learning courses, workshops and executive coaching for company employees and managers who want to communicate & perform better at work. We focus on the practical application of new learning in the workplace.

Business English Solutions

In almost every business the main route to improved organizational performance is the development of the skills and competencies of its staff. We use high quality course materials, supplemented by exercises which are specific to your business and the difficulties they face each day. More..

IELTS Blended Learning Course

This course is for students from Pre-Intermediate level and above who want to improve the 4 skills, especially Speaking and Writing, and looking to achieve an IELTS score above 6 in the exam.

The course contains 100 hours of study organised into four modules: Reading (25 hours); Writing (25 hours); Speaking (25 hours) and Listening (25 hours).

Students can complete the entire course, or work on particular modules which are available individually. The Blended Learning course is available in the following combinations of classroom and online study:

IELTS Academic Blended Learning Course (Bands 6.0 − 7.5) 70% online, 30% classroom



These are intensive one or two day courses designed to specifically target skills development. Our workshops are highly interactive; we balance the needs of the group with the individual strengths and weaknesses of the participants. More..

Executive Coaching

Line management, heads of department and project managers are under increasing pressure to deliver their objectives within tighter budgetary constraints. Coaching is a powerful and cost-effective tool for management and organisational development. It enables managers to find business solutions through guided conversation and questioning. More..